Transfer Venues/DMX mappings to my Prime 4


first post here, since I couldn’t find the right answer via google:

I had my soundswitch cable lying around for over 2 years and since I got a Prime 4 last year, I finally wanted to give soundswitch another try.

While it is very easy to create the DMX mappings in the software, run autoscript for the tracks, etc., I cannot find a way to export my saved venue (which has the saved DMX mappings) onto my Prime4.

I selected “export project” and saved the project on my P4s internal SSD. So the project is saved under P4 SSD:\Soundswitch\default.ssproj

In this project I have saved 2 venues: Default & Demonstration

When activating Engine Lighting on my P4 and I check the settings, it looks like it found the “default” project, but it doesn’t seem to find the “Default” venue, in which I have saved my DMX mapping.

If I start a track which has an autoscript, my lights react, but they do it in a strange way. It seems to me, that the mapping isn’t right, so my moving heads are resetting themselves every 10-60 seconds, depening on what I play.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help, Dave

ma quando apri engine lightning nella consolle , devi premere l’icona in alto a sx ( quella con il simbolo della chiave usb ) e devi selezionare il file che hai eportato sull ssd

but when you open engine lightning in the console, you have to press the icon on the top left (the one with the symbol of the usb key) and you have to select the file you have exported to the ssd

Have you tried to follow what he says in this video?

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Yes thank you this helped