Transfer tracks from one USB to another one

Hey there, is it possible to transfer tracks from one usb to another one rigth on the sc5000? Like its allready possible on the prime 4 (transfering tracks form the usb to the SSD).

If not, would it be ircredible to add this funktion.

So at the one hand you can exchange musik with an other DJ on the fly (with out an pc) on any Danon controler (Prime 2/4/ go) or media player (SC5000/6000) and on the other hand it would be a good alternative on the SC5000 for the SSD (Prime 4 / SC6000).


Search here for the feature request

Thanks i already did so.

Many places and people would call that copyright theft.

And rejected. Mufasa hinted to search. :slight_smile:

Ability to copy/move tracks between connected media sources (pendrives, SDcards, etc) and delete tracks - MEDIA PLAYERS / Feature Requests - Official Denon DJ Forum

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Not realy my own produced tracks am I allowed to share es often I want to!

And this feature already exist on the prime 4. (Transferring tracks from USB to SSD).

This feature is also available on ever PC.

And Denon is not responsible for what you are using the Features . Otherwise every computer employer would be pesponsible for transferring tracks from one to another usb.

Does it? That’s news to me. Please tell us exactly how you achieve this.

It doesn’t exist on Prime 4

Your right I’m sorry I miss understood it. Its actually not possible to transfer Musik from an usb to the ssd… you need an PC.

But as well the Funktion to transfer Musik from my USB to the SSD would be awesome.

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