Transfer/Sync USB Engine Prime from Serato


Maybe this has been discussed, but not sure if it has in this particular way. Been working with Serato for many years and looking to move my library to my Prime 4.

I copied my music library from my Mac to a USB. Now both drives have the same content. Engine prime is synced with my Serato Library.

Now is it possible to copy only the library files from Engine prime to the USB and have the prime 4 read the library and music from the usb pendrive?

Instead of using the sync manager and having to format the drive and do everything through the engine sync manager.


Get Lexicon, save you loads of mither

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Hi, I think nope That’s not the right way to do it.

Import your serato playlists into Engine collection. Then from your collection you drag it or sync it to your usb key.

does the usb or drive that i plan to use on my standalone hardware whether it’d be prime go, prime 2, prime 4, or the sc6000 have to be in fat32 format?

FAT or FAT32 … FAT32 is the better option.