Transfer playlist from internal SSD on 6000M to USB drive

In a previous post i described how I am using soundcloud and tidal to ultimately create playlists on my internal SSD hard drive on the 6000M player. I am now planning to play a party where i will be using someone else’s equipment, so I wanted to move my playlists that are currently on the SSD drive onto a portable USB drive.

I have the software updated to 2.2.1 and i tried to use computer mode, but maybe I just dont understand how to properly use computer mode.

I appreciate any help any of you can provide. Thanks!

Best but most cumbersome way. Take hard drive out of s6000 and put it in a usb caddy.

Lexicon may do what you want but at a cost.

Or clone s6000 drive to a usb drive (depending on size) … or another drive to use in a caddy