Traktor with Prime 4 as Controller?

I’m used to Traktor and imho it is more advanced than Engine at the moment. Is there anyone who managed to use the Prime 4 as Controller for Traktor?


You seem confused. Traktor is DJ software. Engine Prime is librarian software, not DJ software. It’s for preparing your tracks.

The Prime 4 is a standalone “DJ System”. It’s designed to be used without a computer, or DJ software.

Why would you buy a Prime 4 then just use it to control DJ software? That’s like buying a car then walking everywhere! There are plenty of controllers already on the market, if that’s what you need.

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Start a feature request for Traktor support.

I’m sure he is aware.

Where is the source of this information?

He prefers flying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EP :bike:, Traktor/Serato/Rekordbox :airplane:


Why dont you continue preparing your tracks in Traktor, then sync it across using Engine Prime?

He seems of sound mind to me.


This … Plenty of options to make that work flawlessly.

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Hi @Yvomans, thanks for posting. As of now, PRIME 4 is only a standalone console, to be used with an external library, preferably prepped via Engine PRIME. It will be open to Serato DJ Pro in a future firmware update. Secondly, I agree with @mufasa. A Feature Request for Traktor support is a good idea, and you can start one here:

Even though the Prime 4 is not supported by Traktor, will it be possible to midi map the unit for DVS purposes? As Traktor 3 can run DVS through any soundcard, I’m assuming the on board soundcard in the Prime 4 should be able to work with no issues so you could technically hook up 2 turntables/cd players with timecode with the Prime 4 and midi map basic controls like hot cues etc?

Thanks all for your suggestions. I do understand the Prim4 for is a standalone system. That’s exactly why I bought it :wink:

Main point is in the workflow I’m struggling with related to Mixed in Key (MiK) and previous Traktor I was used to work with.

  1. I add new tracks to MiK
  2. I have them imported in Traktor
  3. Cue points are synced to Traktor from MiK
  4. Traktor is used o rate and organize tracks in my library

Extra hurdle is that Engine has difficulties in syncing files from a network drive (all tracks are stored on a cloud synced drive).

Reason to keep Traktor in place is flawless MiK integration. It would then be easy and preferable to have the Prime 4 deck also connected to Traktor to do rating and Library management. Although syncing the Traktor collection to Engine can’t be done incremental, so when adding a bunch of new tracks it takes long to sync the full Traktor Collection (I can live with that for the moment).

Dont forget to like this feature request


Mac or Windows? If the former, check ATGR conversion tools. They might have something that allows you to keep your old workflow AND use P4 standalone. I believe the guy that writes those tools is an original Traktor user.

Windows. ATGR does not run unfortunately…

It’s what I said … “If the former”, being Mac.

I don’t see that someone created the feature request and I agree so I did it. Please Like this request “”