Traktor Sync via LINK

I’ve tried Traktor Midi Sync before with the X1850 midi output, but there are known problems with latency on Traktor’s Midi sync input that meant it wasn’t usable. However, I think Denon just solved that with an implementation of Ableton Link. A 5 minute trial last night saw my Traktor computer syncing with the tempo faders on my SC6000s. I’ll try this out more fully when I have time but if it all works as expected I can use Traktor remix decks in conjunction with the Prime hardware - this is going to be fun. Amazing update.


I tried it out also and it works well for tempo sync. Beat syncing is a different story though.

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You have Quant switched on in Traktor? Did you find with that you were syncing to the previous or following beat?

I’m just getting more into it now. Probably take me a day or so to get a better feel for it.

I’m gonna try different setups but I’ll start with a ham setup.


What’s your setup like? Can you capture loops from the denon into Traktor in real time?

No, capturing anything external has to go through the loop recorder first. You can record a loop in real time and then play it back after.

I found that you have to line up the prime deck beat counter with the ALink beat counter then everything down the line will sync up.

Here’s how I set it up with Traktor.

Abelton Link master - sc5000m. Then Traktor 3 joins link session. Then Traktor sends midi clock to my loopstation and to my mixer’s effector.

The synchronization between everything is surprisingly stable and no drifting between equipment when making tempo changes.

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Hi great news. Do you know if it works in wifi & ethernet or only wifi? Thx.

I only ever tried Ethernet.

Ok thanks, I’ll test it soon. Best.