Traktor Pro Mapping file for the SC5000

VIDEO - link to demo of TSI file on Traktor software

Hi all :smiley: :wave:

First of all shout out to NoiseRiser who provided me with a template TSI file for me to upgrade from…

Updates to this new file:

  • Bugs in earlier file resolved
  • Key lock function corrected
  • Slip LED added
  • HOTCUE type COLORS altered - hot cues as light blue and loops as green (empty pads as no color)
  • Preview player functionality added
  • Reverse play functionality added to “Censor” button - works in Traktor Pro 2 as well

Please let me know if you locate any bugs in file and please do let me know if you have any ideas to enhancements :pray:

Enjoy :+1: :smiley:

Regards, Rasmus Søby

Denon SC5000 by Noise Riser & Rasmus Søby v1.3.1.tsi (648.1 KB)


Strange, that Youhad to add the slip led, I thought that it was already done by me :smiley: Tomorrow I have finally the time to check the improved mapping and also wanted to add some new functions.

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Hi, thanks for the mapping. I just bought the sc5000m and I’m new to this. Could you explain how to connect it? thanks

Hi Sergio,

You enter the control manager in the preferences menu in Traktor.

Press ‘Add’ an extra configuration…

Select the bottom low - “loading from file…”

Load the TSI file you downloaded from here.

Set the focus of this to be ‘Deck A’ and the in- and out-port to be ‘SC5000 Prime’

Add another configuration - loading the same TSI file again.

Set focus to ‘Deck B’ and in- and out-port to ‘SC5000 Prime 2’.

Please let me know if you succeed :+1:

Regards, Rasmus Søby

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Oooh, coming from Traktor and the S4 Mk3 this is interesting to me, as i probably wont be able to try it for at least a week due to work constraints and having still to fire up Serato on my decks, does the screen on the SC5000/M’s effectively become useless in computer control mode?

Yes, as it can only be used in HID mode. We are working on getting the needed info to be able to some how use it.

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Delete the file, as it is made in OLD Traktor 2 - not usable with Traktor 3

Hi when i create deck B and then close. i can scroll with my denon deck B and load the track but then it will load in deck A end B togather?? im i doing somthing wrong??

How many players are You using?

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im using 2 players, only create deck A and create deck B in traktor 3

With my mapping You need to import the mapping for each player. Then in Control manager select the deck focus to SC5000 1 for deck A and SC50000 2 for deck B. In that mode You only use deck A and B for each player. If using only one player then You can select the deck by clicking the Layer button.


thank you i will try again did an window update first and Dell all the midi mapping first to start an nieuw mapping

het werkt nu super blij mee bedankt voor de support

Geweldig, blij dat ik kon helpen.

En nu gewoon weer in het Engels hè! :relieved:

I’ll go ahead and close this topic.

Edit: delay that. This could still be useful for others!! Reopened for business.

i will thanks

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Is there a way to use 4 decks in Traktor with 2 SC5000 players?

Why not? the Traktor Kontrol S4 only has 2 decks too (controlling 4 in the sw) and with a click of a button you switch to another deck. in the SC5000 case that should be the layer button. Just needs to be mapped the way you want it to work. I believe @NoiseRiser touched on this in one of his replies above as well.

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There is an option but not easy.

  1. Denon gives us an option to change the midi channel on the deck by hand.
  2. Very complex mapping (easy to have bugs) to control 4 decks from 2 players.

So far I build a mapping that can be used as 4 decks with one player or each player for one traktor deck. This mapping has most of the functionality and is tested and works stable with newest traktor.

I am in the making of a Prime 4 mapping as well. But this will take a bit time still.

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Thanks for your reply guys. I thought it would be a massive headache to get the mapping to work properly - having the layer just swap between deck 1 and 3 for one player and 2 and 4 for the other player.

Still though, the mapping is amazing @NoiseRiser - thanks so much for the hard work :slight_smile:

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