Traktor Pro HID Support

Hey Denon,

any news on native HID support for the SC5000’s? And what about Traktor Scratch certification for the X1800?

Thanks :slight_smile:


If/when there is… the Forum members here would be the first to hear about it Kevin :slight_smile:


Thanks Paul! Looking forward to that.

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I hope to get soon Traktor mapping and HID/SCREEN support for SC5000. Are there any information when could denon have the Traktor mapping? THX for support…


Another traktor user here! as it happened at first with sc2000 I own, I would love traktor suppport soon.Im switching to prime series if so… Thanks, thats the greatest media player at the moment!!

Well, two pieces of related good news.

A) The computer port link on the SC5000 has been opened up by Denon DJ

B) Native Instruments have said that they are (of course) working on getting Traktor working with the SC5000 (no date)


I have to correct you about that - SC2000 are not HID controllers with Traktor. They work as any other non-NI controller, using regular midi and you have to import your midi mapping files into Traktor. SC2900 were given a small amount of support by implementing very basic midi mapping into Traktor (in exchange, they were supplied with Traktor LE licence) so you could just select mapping in Traktor setup wizard. Still not HID supported (no platter ring lighting, laggy jogwheel etc).

Anyhow…I would love Traktor HID support. But, we all know it’s a money game between inMusic and NI and SC5000 are the first players that offer full software features as standalone and so have no real advantage when used as controllers (unlike Pioneer models).

I know mobile DJ’s depend on software for library browsing but isn’t it better to wait for Engine Prime linking abillity that would solve that issue (and would probably be more stable and offer waveforms on units unlike the HID connection)?

Yeah, you are right, the dn sc2000 are midi , not HID, but at the first moment you need the midi map TSI, the default MIDI msgs placement was kinda random, and months later, Denon released a firmware update that reordered the default midi msgs of the units, so you can plug them and the main functions works without a specific TSI.

Glad to hear it, Thank you! I´m ordering two SC5000 and one X1800 :slight_smile:

I was excited to read with the firmware update, the computer connection is opened. But now, a few weeks later, I’m surprised still no custom mappings for Traktor (or Virtual DJ or any other software) have turned up.

Can anyone with a SC5000 confirm that it actually sends/receives MIDI messages (that is needed for custom mappings)? Or is only HID implemented yet?

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Can you tell us if the DJ Software companies have been provided with the communication protocol to use the computer link on USB ? If so, I’m really surprised that Virtual DJ can still not support these units. Normally they are so much quicker than Native Intstruments.

By downloading the SC5000 driver, I found the answer to my own question about MIDI output… NO, there is still no MIDI output. It’s not in the driver, there is only HID.

When can we expect MIDI to be enabled, so at least we can do our own mappings, without waiting for the softwarecompanies to implement HID ?

This forum just gave me my Anniversary-badge: that reminded me, it’s been at least a year of waiting for just the enabling of a basic feature, that should have been ready when released (at least it is in the manual!).


Whilst I’ve got no dates for any basic midi input/output, I wouldn’t rule out interaction with other DJ software in the future.


So after one year nothing happened. How likely is it that we’ll see it coming?

I don’t understand why you still ask this. It’s completely up to Native Instruments. And we all know that they only focus on their own eco-system.

What’s not to understand?

Nope. It involves two parties, obviously.

Not true. If you watched closely, you would have seen some recent paradigm shifting at NI.

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No. NI makes the decision if they put time and effort in supporting other hardware than their own. You’re asking the wrong party.

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I see Gee locked this as it was turning nasty. I want to remind people to keep things civil, as we are a community here. It is possible to respectfully disagree with people, even on the interwebs.


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During my holiday I received this announcement from Native Instruments about the Traktor 2.11.3 update, promising “integration with big-stage gear from Denon”. I was so happy to read this! Finally I could buy the SC5000/X1800 set I have wanted for more than 1 year … Can you imagine how disappointed I was that the integration is all about Pioneer gear and that Denon only gets Traktor playlists?