Traktor, DN-X1700 2 drivers appear and none of therm work well with DVS

So I’m having trouble setting a dvs system with Traktor, DN-X1700 and a couple of Technics 1210.

The timecode is not working properly and I can’t beatmatch completely the tunes, apart from stereo signal only showing an small bit in Traktor’s inputs.

Apart from asking if you know something about this problem or have any experience with it, I’d like to know about why a couple of drivers for the 1700 show instead of just one and why timecode only works and not very well with one of them.

  • “Denon dj asio driver” timecode doesn’t work well (phase drifting and no input is showed in Traktor despite timecode signal looks good)

  • “Denon dj DN-X1700 Asio” timecode doesn’t work at all. (Scratch dissabled)

I’m using the 1.0.2 latest version in W7 64BITS

I’ve attached a couple of screenshoots. Thanks in advance.

doesn’t look like anyone answered your post did you have any luck with it? i’m having the exact same problem using dnx1700, technics 1210s and the timecode vinyls.

with the “denon dj asio driver” I can get it to pick up 1 deck and calibrate but all I get through the channel is the timecode beep tone and no audio.

with the other driver it works perfect without timecode but always get the same “scratch disabled” message when I enable the timecode/platter/scope

any help greatly appreciated

Thanks for posting @pepehouse!

What version of the Traktor Scratch Pro software are you currently running on your Windows 7 computer?

That’s because the mixer isn’t set to DVS. Somewhere on the mixer there should be a option to choose line/phono for DVS.