Traktor - all my tracks are red

I just got the Prime 4 and want to move all my music and playlist from Traktor to my external hard drive for the Prime. So I have updated my Traktor library. The first thing I did was to export my collection from Traktor to the Traktor folder. Then I used the brand new saved collection and refreshed it to engine prime. All my music is located in the c:\users\ricardo\desktop\musicatotal After refreshing the Traktor all my songs show red. I then saved the Traktor collection to c:\users\ricardo\desktop\musicatotal, refreshed the Traktor collection, and still all red. What am I doing wrong?

Are the track’s loadable in Traktor when you use that freshly safe nml as your collection file? You say you “moved the tracks” which means you’ve changed their filepaths. What is the “normal” storage location for your tracks? Maybe an external volume that is not compatible with Engine Prime (NAS/FileServer/NFS formatted external etc) ?

Yes, Traktor reads them. To make matters easier, if I was to start from the beginning, how do I make all my tracks not red? I have followed the instructions to the T, yet they are all red.

what happens if you point Engine Prime to the original Traktor collection.nml instead of the exported version?

MixMasterG, that is how I started. All tracks are red.

could you give an example of one of the filepaths to one of the audio files that is red in Engine Prime?

e.g. (this is from MacOS)

/Volumes/Terrabyte/test tracks/205-bob_marley_vs.funkstar_de_luxe-rainbow_country(remix).mp3

possibly there are characters in the file path that are not compatible with Engine Prime. I’ve seen all kind of odd things in filepaths from emoticons to “tabs” (which look like spaces and almost impossible to detect)

First of all MixM, thank you for taking the time to help me out. Second, how do I find that filepath? I been right clicking on the mp3, the crates, the library and cant find the way to give you the filepath

I do notice that the ones that are red, are coming from a drive that doesnt exists: H: drive. The few ones that are white are from the C drive. Yet all my music is in the I drive (I backed all my music and the Traktor collection to the I drive)

there you go, how is this “H:” drive formatted? and the moment the drive is not connected then those track’s won’t be found and color red.

Thank you MixMaster, I finally figured it out. I did basically a clean up in Traktor and now it reads properly in Engine Prime.

I do have a question. Prime 4 still has the 1.31 firmware, looking at the downloads it is now up to 1.41. Do I need to download each one and put update the unit, or can I just download the latest version and that will take care of everything?

Direct update to latest version is possible. No need to go one by one.

to be 100% safe always: Run a check consistency on your Traktor collection then export the Collection to nml (with the copy audio files box disabled! or you run out of drive space pretty quick) Use that exported nml as source in Engine Prime. Do not use the Traktor “default” collection.nml, it may not contain the latest data (cues, loops, track location etc) the exported one will always be in sync with the tag info in the track files (the check consistency takes care of that) .