Traktor 2 mapping issue

Is anyone in here using the Traktor TSI file provided at the Denon Product page? I have done a lot of mappings in the past and I have to say they did a good job with this one. Big oopsey though, the mappings for the looproll and slicer to the pads in non functional. I can see that the mappings are there but something is broken in the mapping ( maybe missing some modifiers). Anyone that is using this, do you see the same thing? If so, has anyone been able to fix this? Thank you

Mapping were probably made for a older version of Traktor and not the newest one (2.11 currently). There are some mapping wizzards on other forums that may agree to look the mapping you are using and tell you what’s wrong with it.

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Thanks for the response! I did some work last night and rolled back my software to 2.9 and the features were functional, I decided to begin updating one version at a time to see where the break happened. I made it all the way back to version 2.11 with no breaks. It seems that I must have corrupted my first download. Very lengthy troubleshoot but so happy with the results. Everything is opperational in Traktor 2 2.11!

Maybe denon could provide an updated version of the tsi?

Everything is functional, there is audio card setup required but I just had to reinstall 2.11. Looks like I had some corruption in my download. 2.9 works fine with 2.11