‘Traffic Light’ Key Recomendation

Hi all. First time post.

I’m currently a pioneer xdj rx user and likely to make the switch to prime 4 (as soon as I can afford it!)

One thing I like on the pioneer is the traffic light key recommendation (although it’s only green so not sure why its referred to as traffic light!?)

When in the mix sometimes I’m unsure what I want to play next. In these instances I usually browse my library and see what is green and would work in the current key.

Does the prime 4 have a similar feature? I know you can key lock and sync and search by key, but I want to know if there is a prompt of what will work based on what’s being played on master deck, when just looking through your core library list?


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You can “match” keys in Prime if you like - than yo have to hold the key button for about 3 seconds. Or you can look at the camelot wheel. As I know, you can allways match songs they are ±1 number away.

eg : 7a to 8a / or 7a to 6a

here is a good article how to matrch songs in key.

Thanks. appreciate this. Am aware of the wheel etc but just wondered if there is this particular feature or similar? I find I use it so would preferably like it when switching to denon

Can’t you set preferences to either match exact or compatible key in the Prime 4?

Don’t have mine setup, so can’t check right now.

The answer is no.

Hi @Itsa123 - Welcome to the community!

PRIME 4 offers a few different options to mix harmonically.

First, in the user preferences you can choose how you like to express your Key Notation and how you would like the on board Key filtering to work. These are preferences stored on your media device and loaded each time you play on any Engine OS device.

Now when you search or filter tracks, choose the key filter and PRIME 4 will show you only the compatible or matched keys based on your preference.

On the decks you can instantly key change and key match. Just tap the key on the touch display to change the value in semitones, or hold the Keylock button for 2 secs to match the opposing deck.

Automatic key suggestions is a feature that we hope to bring in a future update. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for your replies really appreciate it. Clear on how it is currently which is what I wanted to understand.

Hearing that the auto suggestion on a future update could happen would be great. Would certainly welcome it!

Thanks again all