Traditional Pitch/Tempo mode?

Hello everyone; apologies if this has been covered (first post-related) but I’m curious if there’s an option on the Prime Go to default to traditional turntable-style pitch/tempo? For example, if I want to play a track at half-speed/an octave lower, I could set the pitch range to 50% and this would simply play it back at half speed without “stretching” the pitch back up. I’m in the early days w/ the Prime Go and I’m loving the feature-set, but I can’t seem to figure this one out.

Hello @keithfwhitman Welcome to the forum. You are looking for key lock function or want to manually change the key also?

I guess what I’m after (as a default behavior) is for the pitch slider to both change the speed of the track linked with the pitch (in the traditional sense, operating exactly how the pitch slider of a turntable would) instead of having the pitch & tempo be mutually exclusive of each other.

So You want thepitch to change both tempo and key like in the old days the turntable would do. This is easy - turn off KEY LOCK, and You will get what You need.

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Exactly; I figured it out, thanks! It’s the little “note” icon on the top right of the display in waveform mode for each track. I had been looking for something in the preferences for universally dis/enabling this, but of you just do it once per deck and it stays disabled.

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I’m Happy that you got it sorted out. Happy mixing!

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