Trade in SC5000 for SC6000's

Will Denon (or anyone else) be doing any trade-in offers for owners of SC5000’s that want to upgrade to SC6000’s?


I doubt that, there’s very little resale market for Denon gear :frowning:

You’re almost certainly right, sadly.

Fortunately the SC5000’s are still being supported - I hope that doesn’t change - all Denon’s responses so far are that both SC5000 and SC6000 will be equally supported, but how long does that last though?

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I traded in a pair of SC5000 for the SC5000M. I lost the value of one unit during the deal.

You will probably get offered £400 to £450 for each 5000

And if you try to sell them on Gumtree/EBay for slightly more you may be waiting a long time.

I’d have to sell all 3 of my SC5000’s just to get in the ballpark for one SC6000 - the changes are not enough to justify that massive loss, sadly.

Its all relative though - I still love my 5000’s and hope they will be supported for the future.

Most likely

New Sc5000 is £999 MRSP now, so you may even be able to get 5% OFF depending.

Let’s just say 950.

They will want to sell your used for a profit. So they offer you 400/450. They mark it up by 150/200 to cover for used gear warranty.

Dealer will charge you full price on the new kit as you are trading it. They won’t offer any discount on the 6000 as you ain’t straight cash customer.

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Yeah - just not worth it at the moment.

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Not true. If you can’t sell Denon Prime equipment, you are not doing it right. I’ve sold many items to upgrade recently.

For example the SC5000 to get the SC5000M.

Selling used is far better than trading in normally.

It easy to sell the kit - just put it on Ebay and hope for the best. You’d better be prepared to lose a lot though - there’s no way, in my opinion, that you’ll get anything near market value for a superseded model. The second hand prices are going to tumble, i suspect.

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Yeah, as I posted to this before

"I’m always one for buying top of the line equipment and selling it for a slightly reduced price to upgrade to what I want or need.

I look at it as leasing or renting the equipment, payed by my gigs and upgrading for hundreds rather than the full price of the new tech.

Denon has definitely outdone the competition so far.

Waiting on the new announcements.

Prime 4 Motorized please"

Something else to realize, many are not following the new shiny as we do so look for even a slightly reduced price on what they couldn’t previously afford. We follow every release, every upgrade, etc but most don’t and looking to snap up quality equipment such as the SC5000.

So you lose a little on resell but you gain Much more in only having to pay a couple hundred for the new shiny… That must of us don’t even need to do our jobs or hobbies with.

“First world” problems really.

I think the “couple of hundred” is WAY off the mark, here. You’ll looking at having to fork out at least £800 in a trade-in deal - a private sale might get you get £600 for your SC5000, which still leaves over £600 more - its not a couple of hundred, sadly.

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I’m literally the only person in my city’s DJ community using Denon controllers. I also use a Lenovo laptop and Windows so I’ve effectively been ostricised.

Oh yeah, he’s that weirdo with Denon gear.

I don’t care as the MCX8000 meets my needs perfectly but it shows you where Denon lie with working DJs.


You’re not a weirdo at all - in my eyes, you have excellent taste for DJ equipment.

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I know, but most others don’t agree.

I’m agreeing with ypu largely. But as your quoting pounds and I’m here in the States, all bets may be off.

There is a huge market here for quality equipment less than 5 years old. It’s what I used to do and can still do if needed to form a resell business.

We have two different mindsets. I use the equipment and get paid from gigs that slowly pays for the equipment or even with one event. Even if I buy it just for hobby purposes and don’t make any money, i consider its learning and paying for that knowledge. I do sell about 95% of what I want to sell even if it’s at 25% of it’s value years later. It’s the cost of knowledge and improving my skills or just having fun.

I take ANY amount that I get on sold equipment add it to a pot and eventually can get the new shiny for MUCH reduced cost than if I was trying to hold onto old unused equipment. Worth it for me.

Now again, you are probably a professional and look at your budget a little closer so this may not make sense.

However, when in reselling, I would look for people like you that vastly undersold what the market would actually pay them for good equipment and resold it for business purposes. It’s all about timing, keeping up with the new shiny announcements to know if a product would be imminently be reduced or replaced.

Another very important point is to always buy new equipment at some type of discount with local promotions, price reductions, or people like me that buy new equipment and willing to part with it for less after enjoying or learning from it.

NEVER buy newly released equipment and complain about the manufacturer shortly afterwards releasing a newer version or compatible model. You take the entire risk of testing out the new equipment and loss of value because you weren’t willing or able to wait for several months or more.

Don’t take offense to this…as this is my own personal operating policy.

use what you want, discard what you don’t.

I can see how it is different - for me its a “toy”, for want of a much better word for it - for you, they’re tools of the trade. Different perspectives, i think.

They also used Blackberry and Nokia. Time will tell.

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In the UK you will struggle to find any one who is going to pay more than 5/600. Sure you can put it on eBay or Gumtree and wait months for the right price if any

  1. New one is £999
  2. No warranty on the used unit from a private sale, folks will rather pay the difference and get new for peace of mind

The US consumer market is different than here and yes Denon gear is still an outlier except in the mobile sector.

Hell I’ve never been to a club or bar with anything other than a DJM and CDJ

Agree with you.

You seem to value efficiency/value over vain. I could never bring myself to buy PI***** hardware when Denon and others clearly had comparable and most times better equipment at much better prices. Another reason, I just couldn’t afford it but still did my gigs.

99% of the people dancing have no clue and don’t want to know what equipment you are using to keep them enjoying themselves. The 1% are hardware obsessed DJs/Gear chasers or audiophiles not enjoying themselves.

Of course, I was the weird one back in the day trying to tell my friends about DVS and why they should try it.