Tracks on SD play on Engine DJ Desktop but "not found" on Prime-Go?

hey all. help, im stumped.

have an SD card with tracks that are successfully read & played by Engine DJ 2.0.2 desktop (mac)

that same SD I put in my Prime-Go (also on 2.0.2) and certain tracks are ‘red’ with File Not Found!?!?!?

Put SD card back in computer and those tracks definitely are there & play.

what gives!?

Check the file format of the card. Certain file formats are not supported by Prime 4. Computer reads all…

nah thats not it… eg have EP’s with 1 track ‘not found’ in the Go but ok in Engine DJ.

That’s what I say. If the computer reads it, and the prime go doesn’t check if the format is ok.

same problem on my prime go, song are there i can play it but the search function can’t find them and return “no track found” anyone have found solution? Many thanks for the help.

Did You used Engine prime or engine dj to put the tracks on Your usb or sd card?

It’s what I’m trying now… I’ll let you know

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