Tracks on prime 4

Guys apologize the question but I feel like I need to I’m tired to always open recordbox or engine and don’t find the tracks Always relocated I know I’m doing something wrong along the way but What is the best and final way to download - Save - and find tracks without avoiding silly space waste and duplicate waste ?

For example where do I have to collect all my folders and what should I do step by step For example I save all my tracks on HD … then ?

Or what are the right steps from

I download from beatport then where do I save them ? Then what should I do in engine or recordbox ?

Thanks :pray:

I do it that way:

I have an Master HD with all Tracks and Folders. That one I only plug in once, to do a backup directly to my internal SSD in the Prime4. 1to1 (all folders) with normal copy (Windows Explorer).

Than Unplug Master HDD.

Now put your Prime to Computermode and start Engine Prime Software.

Now comes the hard part:

  1. Open up a File Explorer (hope you have Windows).
  2. There you will find the internal SSD of the Prime.
  3. Open up in File Explorer (Windows Explorer)
  4. Drag every single folder (folder by folder) to the collection window.
  5. Now you should see Engine Prime do a Crate with all that track in it and analyse it.
  6. Repeat until you have dragged all your folders to collection.
  7. Wait for finishing tasks of Engine Prime.

Because you have all your Tracks copied in Explorer to your internal SSD in Prime, Engine OS will not mess up that structure. You will ever find your track in your correct folder.

Also it is faster in transfering as with Engine Prime.

After that you can make a complete backup of internal SSD to another HDD if you want.

And if you update any of the tracks in your folders, just delete the crate and import it again after you have finished copying tracks to folder. New folder just drag and drop like in step 1 to 7.

Hello thanks for your time Precious tips

Unfortunately I work with Mac

Surely Macs have something akin to Windows Explorer (a file browser)?

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