Tracks not loading into "Decks" on Engine DJ software

I was towards the end of a marathon beat gridding session (the joys of old funk and disco records), just tweaking a playlist and all of a sudden tracks were not loading into the decks properly.

The track info loads, but there is no waveform and the track won’t play. I have done a transfer to my USB’s (checking 1 before I loaded the other) and tested in the Prime and all seems OK. Have made some changes to a playlist and synced them back to Engine DJ, all OK. But still no joy.

On a Macbook Air M1. Restarts all done. Have done a DB optimisation.

Not sure I want to backup the database just in case it backs up any issues. And annoyingly I was about 5 minutes from doing my post gridding session backup.

Any ideas?

Do you by any chance use bluetooth headphones?

When I connect my bluetooth headphones to the Mac they connect in headset mode (essentially for making calls, so in Settings > Sound the input (mic) is set to my headphones

In this mode the headphones are in mono and this is what messes with Engine DJ. When I load a track the track info loads but no waveform and it won’t play just like the issue you have.

I need to select the input to be the MacBook Air Microphone then restart Engine DJ and it 's then fine.

Hope this helps

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Not sure exactly what the audio setting were when it started messing around, but I have just tinkered around in the output and input settings and everything is working again.

Thank you for the pointer. Might be a low priority bug for the devs to look at.

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