Tracks I've relocated/refiled are turning RED - Help please

Hi There,

I’ve imported some tracks to Engine prime from C: Drive of my computer then moved them to a seperate Hard drive. Now they are appearing as red. Some of my track were imported from the hard drive so now my library is half red, half white. Is there a way to relocate or reassign the track location or do I have to delete them all from engine prime and re-import all over again?

This is a serious pain as i cant remember the folders I moved. 1000’s of tracks.

Also am i correct in thinking if, I ever buy a new hard and move all my music again, I’ll be in the same position.

Any help would be grateful. Thanks.

There is currently no relocate function in the app. It’s a highly requested feature, though.

ta, bobbins that :frowning:

You can try out you can edit & change the sql database from your engine prime.

When you get a new drive, just name it same as the old one or move the files with a Tool like

Hello, I learned the hard way and spent half my day yesterday re-importing and re-analyzing music after I’ve been organizing my drives. it’s a pain in the rear, but not as aggravating as seeing red unlinked tracks.

As a general rule with every music database, it’s a good idea to establish your organization before adding all of your music to it. By that I mean have your files organized and don’t move them around after you’ve added them to the database. I use iTunes to organize all of my music so the only time my file paths change is if I alter some metadata that wold cause iTunes to move the file or I upgrade to a new computer.

Don’t forget to vote for the feature.

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Exactly! This applies to any kind of database system, not just Engine Prime. Once you’ve “told” the database where the file is, you should not move it (unless you do so via the database itself).

It’s like when you always leave your car keys in the same place, and your wife knows where they are. If you decide to move them to a different place without telling your wife the new location, she won’t be able to find them.

Not my Mrs. She will find them.

…then your new place is not good enough :slight_smile:

Then I will forget where I hid them :cowboy_hat_face:

I prepare the cues with rekordbox or traktor and then import the collection to Engine PRIME. Because Engine PRIME does not have the function to relocate tracks, Serato traktor and rekordbox if they have the relocation function and it is very easy, it is necessary to relocate in Engine PRIME I also asked a few days ago about this same topic.

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