Tracks in engine prime running very slow after importing

Has anybody else got this problem.Tracks play without problem outside of prime but not in prime software and so not on the players either. I have compleatly emptied prime database and reloaded only a small amount of tracks but this still happens with the same tracks. Also I have found some tracks that play different tracks to the title once again these have been double checked outside engine and are fine, even work on the mcx8000

Windows 10 8gb ram laptop Engine analysis BPM range 78-155

What’s the device that you’re pulling the tracks from? EG: A Pen drive, an external hard drive etc?

This is happening before that stage. Just by importing from the laptops hard drive into prime then try and play the track in engine prime. Affected tracks play everywhere else including engine 1.5 and on mcx 8000. But to answer your question when I do put on the players its on sandisk ultra usb fat 32 and sandisk sd ex fat All music is from iTunes converted through iTunes to MP3 with tags in 2.3 in either 196 or 320 bit rate. These tracks play fine when not analised in engine prime and is a simular problem that has been experienced with 1.5 not supporting tracks but not the same tracks. This issue is not what’s being put into engine prime but what the software is doing with it just the same as engine 1.5 did with different results.