Tracks in collection has no cue-markers / Tracks in drives (same location) DO ...Can someone explain me?

So … When i look into “COLLECTION” is see some of m y tracks have no cue markers. When i look into the same location in “DRIVES” is see the tracks DO have cue markers.

(ok i might have been doing a cue marking session onto the tracks from the “DRIVES” location)

Can somebody explain me why the “LOCATION” section doesn’t get updated with cue markers? They are the same location.

SIDENOTE: i have a SD-card in my laptop where my music is stored on. ( i made that card the default music folder for my windows 10)

I think opening sync manager then updating from the drive back to your collection will add all the cue markers into the engine library.Select the drive then ‘sync to Engine DJ’

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facepalm… i feel a bit embaressed atm lol

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Haha no embarrassment at all, just an answered question :slight_smile:

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