Tracks from Mac folder into Software crate

Hello I can upload my tracks from my MacBook folder to the software s crate ! They are all red Any support ?

Red could mean that those files fall outside of the parameters/ formats of Engine - you could try converting them to a different format - alternatively they might be protected tracks (iTunes for example )

Wrong, red is mostly missing file or corrupted file. They are possibly located on a external drive or were moved somewhere?

What I did is the following

I moved / duplicate all tracks to an external HD

But I left the folder with some of the most popular tracks on the desktop of mac

So I deleted all the crates in engine , re create them and from scratch uploading the tracks but they immediately turn red

There are certain storage locations that won’t work in the EP ecosystem. Such as cloud drives, APFS/HFS/NFS formatted removable drives and few more. Tracks you drop from these non supported storage locations may sometimes appear to be loaded correct and when you restart EP turn red.

The only way to fix: ensure removable media is FAT or preferably ExFAT formatted, single partition, MasterBootRecord partitioning scheme.

That’s brave. Why not move that folder to your Macs Music Folder ? Anything can easily happen to that folder on the desktop.

This is correct.

If I were in your shoes, I will approach it this way

  1. Start afresh by deleting or renaming the “Engine Folder” in your laptop and that external drive.

  2. Starting with internal drive music, Analyse, hot cues, Build crates around them etc

  3. Plug in the overflow external drive to the laptop and just Analyse those ones. I wouldn’t be wasting my time building any crates for those as you have already decided that they are for tracks you don’t really use.

  4. You can use the file location to identify which track is on your internal or external drive.

Good luck :+1:t5:

So You changed the physical location of the tracks - no wander they are RED now…

You can use the file location to identify which track is on your internal or external drive.

You need to enable the “drive” column in the collection view to identify which drive a track is stored on. The location will only give the relative filepath not the absolute filepath to the track’s media file.

Thanks guys I’ll follow all the precious advices here and be back if I was able to solve it

Thanks again community

Hello. I too had the problem of the tracks in red. But in my case the problem was that the file name contained special characters, such as accents as opposed to normal ones. By any chance do your filenames contain these characters? If yes, try to make a copy of the file, delete or replace these characters and try to upload the new file.