Tracks don't show as played on 2.0

The tracks that you play dont show as played as on the 1.6. This can be confusing

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What I’m seeing:

  • Tracks from my hard drive shows played (i.e.: turn green) after 30 seconds of play
  • Streaming tracks (Tidal) show no indication of being played (no color change)
  • However, both hard drive & streaming tracks played are displayed in HISTORY

Also BPM on streaming tracks is not captured as in 1.6.

There’s a few ‘bugs’ needing attention.


They actually do show as played, but the list does not get updated. It will show green when you do this manually. When a track is played over 30 seconds, browse to another playlist and browse back to the list where you loaded the track from and it will now be green.

Still a thing that needs to be fixed off course :slight_smile:

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Or if the list long enough scroll up or down so that the track being played briefly disappears, then it switch also to green

It is probably part of the same problem, where the Tidal playlist does not update the BPM or the key of the tracks. Let’s see if it will be fixed.

Same problem here. I’m on 2.0.2

jan 2022 same prob here 2.1.1 play track go to other folder then go back no luck, Have to go to history to see if played tune,

using lastest version and still no joy, with thousands of tunes this is a prob that needs to be fixed. hassle to keep going in history to see if played