Track Title Scrolling/Not

Never noticed until today. I have track info selected as Track Title (filename) & not metadata.

The track title begins to scroll once loaded onto the deck, however, some tracks are static & do not scroll. It doesn’t matter what deck it is.

I actually prefer static & don’t want to see the title scrolling but the majority do. Is this normal? Why are some tracks static?

Note: If I select metadata, then the previously static track title will then scroll.

Version 1.5.2

I use Metadata for Track Info…it scrolls.

Same behaviour on 1.6Beta2

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OK, thanks for confirming. Mine scrolls too but some tracks don’t if I have it set to filename (title) instead of metadata - which I prefer.

Why do some tracks scroll & some don’t? I prefer non-scrolling. Wondering if you might switch to filename & see if you have some tracks which don’t scroll? Cheers.

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Maybe the tracks that have a title so long that they are not visible in a single line scroll?

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Of course :sweat_smile: Very short title doesn’t scroll but longer titles (eg title {clean extended mix} blah blah) will scroll so that you can see it all.

Trivial matter solved. Cheers @DjAj :beers:

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