Track Start position issue Cue Engine DJ and Gear

Hey everyone,

I’m facing a bit of an issue with my Engine DJ 3.3.0 and my SC6000M gear.

I’ve been setting up my cue points for various tracks, and I’ve configured the playback to start at the cue position (as shown in the attached photo).

This photo is taken from my SC600M settings. I set up Track Start Position to Cue Position

Similarly, Inside Engine DJ, I have also set the same settings as reflected in the following photo:


However, every time I load a track, it doesn’t start at my first cue point. but rather at the beginning of the track ( I have the same issue for both engine DJ and the SC6000M).

Here it is , Look at the start cue point, it loads at the beginning of the track rather than the first cue point position ( In this example, when I loaded the track it should have started at the yellow cue point position).

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 13.50.57

It’s quite confusing, and I’m wondering if I’m missing something or if it’s a potential bug. Has anyone else experienced this? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks alot in advance!

Is that not a hot cue? … i believe that setting refers to the ‘Cue button’ that is next to the Play button.

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Cue Position is the Point that you set with the Cue Button (the white triangle) not the first Hot Cue

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Thanks for the comments guys

I understan where the confusion might be coming from now. The distinction between the ‘Cue Position’ set by the Cue button and the ‘Hot Cues’ wasn’t initially clear to me.

@Vrtra , Your explanations helped me understand that the ‘Cue Position’ refers to the main cue point marked by the “White” Cue button, which is separate from the ‘Hot Cues’ I may have set throughout the track

Anyways, would have loved if there was an option to load a track directly at first Hot Cue poisition or simply set the white cue point initially to the first hot cue position when loadin the track

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The software should save your cue button location on the track for next time too… just make sure you ‘sync to desktop’ next time you plug your computer in (if you use Engine to organise music), otherwise your sync of new tracks will overwrite any changes you made on the device.

Although i think you can set the cue button to auto assign to the first hot cue? (i may be wrong)

I’ve been curious about that as well. In the Pioneer ecosystem, there’s a feature that allows you to set the cue button to the first memory cue, which is exactly what I’m aiming for. With Denon, however, it’s not as straightforward, and I haven’t found a clear way to accomplish this. The option I came across seemed similar to what I was looking to achieve, but it doesn’t appear to function in the same way. I’m still exploring the settings to see how I can replicate that functionality.

No, it doesn’t look like you can… i tend to add both now on auto pilot whilst im DJing as ive been doing it for years.

@STU-C Yes. Exactly…

I’ve found a method to automatically set the cue point to the earliest hot cue in each track. This is achieved through a Python script that reads and processes the music library database. The task involved some reverse engineering of the database, as the cue locations aren’t stored in a straightforward, text-based format. Instead, they’re encoded in binary code, requiring a detailed decoding process.

But it works.

Thank you for bringing those cue points to my attention.

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