Track preview not working

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I noticed today that my track preview on decks 2 and 4 do not work i can hear deck 4 on preview via deck 3, i have upgraded to that latest firmware (1.6) is anyone else having this problem or is there a setting i need to change, I do not recall having this issue before.

Check how You have plugged in the players to the mixer. Lan and audio cables connection matters!

everything is wired correctly as i can hear the song via the cue button when playing it is when I am trying to preview I cant hear it.

Take a picture of the wiring in the back. Also, you can set the players to certain faders in Preferences/Utility.

Lan cables alsp are important. As when proper fader is down, then preview is available.

Track preview has changed in 1.6. Preview will go to the first available channel’s pair member that is not open.

Example, Layer A+B = channel 1+2:

I don’t fancy what it has changed into. When both layers have fader down, but I want to preview layer B, I would expect to simply cue channel 2. Now it defaults to channel 1 for preview, because that’s the first available fader down (channel 1)…

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That is actually something that I don’t like about this :confused: It is confusing

Yes I already expressed my thoughts about this to dev.


That explains why then i thought i was going mad, i am not sure what Denon was thinking they need to change it back to how it was in my view.

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Phew, I thought I was going insane too. Such a weird change… I mean now I know about it I’ll adapt, but why even change it in the first place?

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Yeah, it was good the way it was before…

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Yeah that’s weird… If I have a layer selected, I will usually have the corresponding PFL activated, so it should preview on the active layer, except when that is already playing something.

How will this work if you don’t use Denon Mixer?

The same way. Just it will not detect if Your fader is down. You need to pay more attention.

But will the preview play on the first available channel or at the channel the player is linked to with cinch cable?

Why the preview signal has to be assigned to any channel or channel fader and affect them? As future suggestion: Signal could be directly passed to headphone amp, preview Audio signal routing could be done via lan. This way all channels/decks stay free for DJ performances, nothing blocked, no hazzle of unpressed cue buttons or still active playing decks.

But currently it is not like that. Preview goes via rca outputs.

yes I know, tried only to make a better Suggestion

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That’s how it works on cdj3000, and also link preview from rekordbox to djm900/2000

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