Track Preperation on the SC5000

When you prep tracks on the SC5000, does this information transfer from the thumb drive back into Engine Software to update the database in Engine Prime?

Yes it should, you should see the ‘RESYNC’ button in Engine Prime (looks like a refresh symbol under Devices) lit up upon reconnection of usb stick, and all hot cues, loops etc are syncd. BUT for me, since 1.2 update the resync button is greyed out and my usb stick is getting increasingly out of sync. BTW Support have been non existent, in nearly two months, for me !! Would like to know if your and others ‘Resync’ button is greyed out upon usb reconnection.

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I have wondered about this to. I haven’t actually used it and now that I know what it does, well it looks like I still cant use it. The re-sync is also grayed out for me as well.

Since 1.2 update the resync button is greyed out until you insert an additional USB drive.


I will give it a whirl tonight and let you know. I much prefer to adjust my grids and set cue points on the player as opposed to in the software.

Worked for me. Thank you! I didn’t even notice the button until i read this thread. Yet another great bug with the Prime series. Good job Denon…

This should be an automatic feature in the first place imho. Or Prime should have a sync-manager like rekordbox. Much more convenient!


Genius ! This has worked for me, been troubling me for ages. Thank you.

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