Track not compatible with MCX8000

Hi there, I have a problem with my Engine Prime software. When i put a downloaded file with mp3 format in the Engine Prime software he analyzed the mp3. I see the wave form and the BPM etc. When i put the analyzed mp3 format in the USB device map and i want to export it to MCX8000 he send me the next textmessage: 1 track are not MCX8000 compatible and were not copied over. I used an download program to get files from Spotify. I used the (paid) program Tuneskit Spotify Music Converter. He download the file as an mp3 format with the bitrate of 320 kbps.I also tried to download the format in 265 and 192 kbps but no succes. Other files (mp3) wich i downloaded with other programs are succesfully exported to mij USB device. Why is it that those specifically files are not working with the MCX8000.It’s all mp3 format.

Check they are converted as 44.1khz and not 48khz.

Also using tools like that are illegal but you probably know that already.

Thanks for your respons. It doens’t work with downloading the file in 44.1 khz and 256 kbps. :cry:

Must be something dodgy with the converter.

Get your music legally from music pools and you will have no issues.

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