Track Key changes when loaded vs in search menu

Here’s a weird one, I’ve noticed a few times that with my SC6000 players when I load a track up that the key that’s shown during the search is wildly different than the key shown once the track is loaded. I’m not using fuzzy keys, its just inconsistent. Maybe the player analyzes the track when it’s loaded and comes up with a different result than what’s stored in the metadata? Any ideas on sorting it out? I’m not sure which key is correct, as I’m not a real musician :slight_smile:

It could be an issue in your database whereby the track was analysed as one key previously but since one of the updates (a couple of which have improved analysing) its now a different one, maybe both records are still being stored which is causing the problem. Have you ran the disk cleanup option in Engine desktop when exporting to your drive?

Enter Mastertempo, or set the pitch to zero.


If you have switched key lock off and have the pitch fader past 3%± the key will be different upon loading.

Think the numbers are in something called 7ths?? It’s not sequential as in 1,2,3,4 when moving the pitch slider

Switch key lock on or press and hold to match it to an adjacent key to the playing deck


My understanding is that it’s six percent, not three.

6% percent total from key zero. 3 up and 3 down I believe or there abouts :grin::grin::grin: