Track Download Failed SD-Card with Dropbox-Offline-Tracks

The extremely annoying point is this: I have all my tracks saved in Dropbox and they are synchronized offline with my Macbook. I pulled these offline tracks into Engine DJ and have them synchronized in Engine DJ using the Dropbox function. If I synchronize my collection onto an SD card so that I also have the tracks offline if there is no WiFi connection at an event, this doesn’t work. The tracks are synchronized to the SD card, but my Prime gives the error message without a WiFi connection: Track Download Failed, Failed to get Dropbox download link. It can’t be that when I copy my offline tracks from the Macbook to an SD card I always need a WiFi connection and Dropbox connection in the Prime. What is the solution for me. I look forward to suggestions. I also tried one thing: If I also import the Dropbox offline tracks into my Macbook collection in Engine DJ it works, but then in Prime I see all the tracks twice, once with a small Dropbox symbol (files cannot be played without WiFi) and the normal track. But I don’t want double synchronization and duplicates. I would like to use my offline tracks from Dropbox and sync them to the SD card and also be able to use them offline. How does it work?

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