Track data not transferring to USB drive

Hi all.

I recently purchased a Prime stand alone. I love the unit but I’m having issues with exporting from engine.

When I export from the engine library to my USB drive for playing, the track data (hot cues, beat grid analysis etc) are not showing up when the USB drive is inserted into the Prime 4. Tracks are also being exported in individual artist/album folders and playlists are not showing up either.

I have followed the recommend workflows on the Denon youtube page and also from other sources too with no luck so far.

To recap…

Tracks are exporting to USB drive with no track data (hot cues, correct beat grid, loops) and are also not exporting in playlists or crates.

Hopefully someone has an answer.

Many thanks in advance

Dub Koala

Are you using Engine Prime? Or Engine DJ?

Got it sorted thanks, just had to update the firmware on the Prime 4! Noob move hahaha