Track caption running with MCX8000 and Serato

Ciao a tutti, Utilizzo una MCX8000 e Serato. Con il lockdown gli stream sono aumentati notevolmente e mi piacerebbe avere la possibilità di inserire nei miei stream video la didascalia della pista da corsa, quindi qualcosa del tipo: ORA PALYNG: Artista - Tittle [etichetta]

Lo faccio ancora con la grafica realizzata da photoshop, nel senso che preparo tutte le didascalie delle tracce che riprodurrò in formato PNG, le inserisco su OBS in ordine di esecuzione e le modifico manualmente. Quello che cerco è un software che faccia questo lavoro automaticamente, cioè prendendo la pista da corsa da Serato e inserendola nel browser. esiste già un software che fa questo lavoro, si chiama UNBOX, ma purtroppo ha problemi con Serato, perché quando carichi la traccia nella console anche se non ancora in esecuzione, entra nella cronologia e la didascalia cambia, mostrando così il traccia sbagliata. Hanno incluso la possibilità di creare un ritardo dal momento del caricamento della traccia a quello del cambio della didascalia, ma oltre a non funzionare bene, non è una soluzione accettabile. Quindi mi chiedo se esiste un software per Serato in grado di fare questo lavoro. Grazie mille a tutti. Saluti Paipy

As you’re asking for Serato specific software you would be better posting it on the Serato forum, the MCX8000 has no bearing on this at all, it’s all Serato.

Dato che stai chiedendo un software specifico per Serato, faresti meglio a pubblicarlo sul forum di Serato, l’MCX8000 non ha nulla a che fare con questo, è tutto Serato.

Actually, I also asked Serato :wink: Denon MCX8000 however, is sold with Serato, so the question I think is legitimate.

MCX8000 is hardware, Serato is software. If there is something wrong with the integration between hardware and software, or something is wrong with the hardware, then here is the place.

However, even though Serato is sold with the MCX8000, it is developed and maintained by a completely different company with a separate development team. Your question is about Serato, not the integration between MCX8000 and Serato or the MCX8000 hardware, so the best place to ask is over at the Serato forums :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want Serato DJ to show the Artist - Title in OBS then download this app: Releases · aw-was-here/Now-Playing-Serato · GitHub

It allows you to have the track show on screen and works brilliantly. You will have to set it up but it doesn’t take too long and the results are worth it.

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Thanks a lot for the tip. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. With Windows has an error executing the script

I think there is an option in OBS to display a captured (screen grab) area and display it on the stream.

If you use that, you can just select the area of Serato that displays the track names and send it to OBS.

I’ve seen several DJs use this method.

Alternatively use VirtualDJ and you will not require OBS or any kind of plug-in or add-on. VDJ can stream and display track names natively.

That’s a shame you get an error. It Is quite good for me. There is also the original V1 version that you can try. It’s discontinued but may work: GitHub - e1miran/Now-Playing-Serato

I would recommend this as one of the best ones. It is called Unbox and is getting better with updates coming soon. The author is very active on the Denon DJ forum too so can help and hear it works better on Windows. Check it out below.

There is a lot of discussion about this over here: Stagelinq protocol API - #329 by erikrichardlarson . If you post there then maybe someone will be able to help you.

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Thanks for the support @MrWilks!

@Paipy It looks like the MCX8000 has StagelinQ support so you should be able to connect your MCX8000 to your network switch via an Ethernet cable plugged into the link port on the back of your MCX8000. Once you do this you can try using the Denon mode in Unbox. This should work since the MCX8000 will likely send the same data over the StagelinQ protocol as the Prime 4 which people are using successfully with Unbox.

Let us know if this works, happy to help with any troubleshooting.

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Great to see you around @erikrichardlarson. I’m really looking forward to the latest version of Unbox. I always enjoy seeing your input on here.

I had still have issues with the Mac version so I’ve dug out an old Windows laptop to try. I’m going to give that a go as my next broadcasting machine.

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To begin with, thank you for the invaluable help. I hope you will want to help me step by step. I plugged the Ethernet cable into the connection port on the back of the MCX8000, while the other end into the Ethernet port of the laptop. I then launched UNBOX, selected “Denon” mode, but the flashing “Go Live” ball remains gray and does not turn green. So unfortunately it doesn’t work. Am I wrong something?

Ah almost, you just need to unplug the Ethernet cable from your laptop and instead plug the cable into your router / network switch. This way the Ethernet cable will go from your MCX8000 to your router / network switch. Unbox should work then, let us know if you run into issues.

Ah OK. Too bad, however, this is impossible for me, because I am in the studio, very far from the router. For me it is impossible to connect the denon to the router

EDIT :slight_smile: I pulled a flying cable from Denon to the router, followed your instructions but it doesn’t work :frowning: Go Live remains gray and not green.

Gotcha are you on Mac or Windows? Also did you restart the app after plugging into your router?

Windows. Yes, I also restarted the PC

Gotcha and your decks are on / you’re playing a track out right?

Yes sure. I also tried to raise both master volumes at the same time

Are you using the MCX8000 in USB mode or Serato DJ mode?

Have you tried it in Serato DJ mode?

Yes, with Serato DJ. I usually never use USB sticks

I see. I’m going to give it a go on Windows later so I’ll see what I can find. I am usually a Mac user.