Track Browsing and Syncing Changes in v2.0

Hey Guys! Hope you’re well! Played a set out with 2.0 last night, looking good and liking the direction it’s heading. Just a couple of minor things to note which I may be able to amend in the settings!?

Say i’m on track 400 in a playlist and i select that track, but I maybe change my mind straight away and go with another track i’d seen on that screen (say 401)… when I used to press “Back” it would go straight back to that selected track (400)… but in 2.0 it goes straight to the top of the playlist… is there a way to change this?!

Tempo Sync - I tempo sync quite a lot (mainly due to laziness) and when doing this the 2nd track i’m mixing into, I often change the BPM slightly on that track during the mix… but last night I noticed this “Sync Lead” (i think it said) button which unless you pressed that, I couldn’t change the tempo on the 2nd track. Sync lead used to be automatic to the first track you pressed Sync on… is this possible to change?!

Other than that - Keep up the good work!

Ahh i’ve just seen this in the notes which will solve one of the issues:

  • Navigating to a sub-list will now select the first item in the list. The earlier behavior can also be maintained by changing the User Profile / Library / Collection Browse Behavior setting to “Select”

*Please note - I only use 1 SC6000M

Sync lead button - I think it’s a screen shortcut to make that track “Sync Master”. If that is the case, the master’s tempo fader is the one that controls BPM, after soft-pickup. Did you have the right control layer activated for the tempo fader when you tried to control it?

I used to be able to control the tempo of both synced tracks on both layers, now i can only change the tempo on the Sync Lead layer

I understand. Hmmm, I wonder if that behaviour changed. I don’t remember changing the slave tempo with the previous version, I always use the master.

Anyone else on this?