Track Artwork from this going to get fixed?

Im still having artwork issues with Engine Prime. Some load fine, the majority don’t . All have artwork attached to the actual files on my hard drive, but when imported into EP via the iTunes sync they don’t get pulled in.

Ive seen multiple threads on this subject with no apparent solution from InMusic/Denon. As I’ve paid thousands of $$$ on their equipment on the premise DJing will be simpler with lovely artwork to view, I feel this is a key requirement of the product and needs fixing ASAP. Sorry, but spending hours if not days deleting/re-inputting artwork via 3rd party apps is not what I signed up for !


As a test, you should try importing just a dozen tracks with artwork embedded into the file itself, not just a single art file that happens to be there once in the same folder (iTunes old favourite way of doing it) from any other source, other than iTunes.

Hey @IndustryStandard - Happy to help. Can you share what hardware you’re using and what version of Engine Prime you’re on? I’d be happy to help find a solution for this. Just need a bit more information so I can share it with the team.

Im using SC5000s running the latest firmware 1.6.2 and EP 1.6.1 on Mac OS.

I posted the same problem in 2019 and the same questions are been asked again and again by the Denon support. It shouldn’t make a difference what equipment, software, version we are using nothing is ever done about it. I gave all the info I could with images of what was happening and never got an answer. Pure waste of time putting problems up if they aren’t been fix after a year or more.

@Jayos @IndustryStandard Completely understand the frustration and happy to connect both of you with tech support to find a resolution. Each situation is different so there may be some back and forth between the user and our team to try and determine what the issue is.

@IndustryStandard - I’ll DM you to collect some information and we’ll get this sorted.

I have the same issue so any pointers would be gratefully received as this seems to be an issue for over a year and not been fixed. Most of my songs in iTunes have album artwork but these to not transfer over to Engine Prime. I am using Mac OS - Big Sur and latest versions of SC6000M EP.

I’ve not heard a peep from support in a week or so. The issue was going to get escalated but nothing back so far.

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but having artwork is such a key requirement based on the size of my playlists and my brain still being partly in the “vinyl record box sorting” era . :rofl:

Hey @IndustryStandard - Many apologies a team member hasn’t reached out yet. Let me ping them and see if they have any suggestions.