Totally Confused, duplicate tracks importing from itunes playlists to Prime 2

Hey Legends,

Iv’e just bought a prime 2 can cannot work out the best way to import my library. I tried importing my itunes playlist into engine dj and then into Prime 2, some of these playlist will have the same track as other but this should not equal duplicates in my Prime 2, and no I don’t have duplicates in iTunes.

It seems to see them as a different track as i have to put hot cue’s on the same track i have just done in a previous track/playlist on my prime 2. And no I don’t have a computer connected, it’s in full stand alone mode.

Any advice would be appreciated as I have 10,0000 track to sort out. Cheers :wink:

Since I don’t use iTunes, I can’t tell what can happen with it. But I can say that in normal operation when the tracks are inserted directly into the Engine DJ collection, I do not have duplicate tracks even if they are arranged in multiple playlists.

I could advise you to do a check: click on the main collection, that is the root of all playlists. Look at your tracks, sort them by title, and see if you see duplicate tracks in the collection or not.

Yes there are duplicates in main collection, Can’t work out why Engine dj would add same track with same file path twice, even if from different playlists. Thank you for your help :wink:

Did you actually verify that in the collection column, where the path to the track is displayed, you get that the duplicated tracks have the same path?

I don’t know how iTunes import works, but if all of this happened with a local MP3 track, I would have told you that it was because your track was duplicated in two different paths. But with iTunes I don’t know.

You could try some local tracks, to see if you get the same duplication problem.

What is the best way to Manage/ import My Libary? What method do you use?

I have a “Music” folder like all Windows installations. In it there is the Engine DJ database, and in it I have created folders that have the name of the current year (2020, 2021, 2022, etc). In them I create subfolders named for Month + day (for example today the folder would be called “0628”). Then inside this last one I store the MP3 files that I bought that day.

Then I use MP3Tag to edit or modify the tags as I like. When the file is good, I drag it into the Engine DJ collection and it will be analyzed and it will appear inside the collection.

Then I listen to the track, check the grid and eventually make corrections, insert the grid markers, then insert Hot cues and loops. Maybe I also do the evaluation of the track (the 5 stars). Then I drag the new track from the collection to the various playlists, they could be created by musical genre, or by type of event.

Finally I connect my remote unit and use Sync manager to update it using the new tracks as well.

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Nice! Thanks for the advice :wink: