Timecode with Denon Go

Hello, I have been with Denon for several years, I have the SC6000 and the Go.

Depending on what events, I need the timecode. I used to work with Traktor, but it’s starting to fail me, and since what I want is to unify, I would like to know if with GO, I could work in timecode.

If yes, what would I need? (hardware, software…)

Thank you!!

Hi, it won’t work as it has no inputs.

You need a proper DJ mixer with a DVS enabled sound card.

From a technical point of view yes it’s possible to do it with a separate external audio interface but from a practical one it’s…stupid.

  • Why stupid? Because you will not be able to switch from timecode to regular vinyl if there is an issue (because you do not have a standalone mixer).
  • If something is wrong with your software, again you cannot switch to Prime Go without silence until the Go reboots.

Anyway… you would need to use a external audio interface with phono inputs (something like Reloop Flux is a good choice) and a software like VDJ (you could use Traktor but there would be downsides like screen on Prime Go would not work etc). 2 available slots on your laptop would be desireable to avoid using the Reloop flux as USB hub.

Okay! Thank you very much for the answers.

So, what other Denon equipment would it be viable to do it with?

If you upgrade to Prime 4 then you will still have the problem of how to reboot between timecode use and standalone use.

So my vote would go for a 2ch mixer with audio interface that does DVS with your software of choice. Prime Go plugged into aux input, TTs into phono. Traktor Z2, Rane 70, Pioneer S5

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