Timecode Sync does not see the Prime 4 and other problems

Well, I have purchased a one month license for trying Timecode Sync with the Prime 4 (I paid for it because the free month for Prime 4 owners never works, I always get an error when I try to get the code in the user area and SUPPORT MAKES NOTHING about that) and all I can say is that so far, Timecode Sync for the Prime 4 simply does not work. The software (Windows 10 version) can’t find the Prime 4 , I have tried everything, I have tried to connect the ethernet port of the computer directly to the ethernet port of the Prime 4, I have tried to connect the computer and the Prime 4 to a switch, I have tried the same with a router, I have tried dynamic and static IP, I have tried even to use wifi … and nothing, the software says that it can’t find any Denon Player. Even more frustrating is that I have emailed BLCKBOOK with the problem and I simply don’t have any reply. There is not any support forum in their website or whatever. And even more frustrating is that I have tried to use a different computer , but there is no way to disable the license from the first computer where it was activated and use a different one, uninstalling the software does nothing, there is no option for that in the software, there is no option for that in the website, no one replies to the emails… Can any user or Denon people confirm that Prime 4 works with Timecode Sync? Can anyone help me to make it work? It is very frustrating that I paid for something that was supposed to be free for one month (as a Prime 4 buyer it was supposed that I should got that, but support from Denon never did anything for giving me the code) and after paying, nothing works and no one is ther for helping or explain anything. Please, help.


Do you know anything on this? Tried to Google it and search the forum, and can see others have asked about it, but no answers.

And going to Timecode’s website, doesnt seem informative either. (they actually doesnt list the Prime 4 as a supported device)

Asking, cause I have a friend who is thinking about using Timecode, so tried to do some digging myself.

Only timecode video mentions denon DJ generally.

All the other time code products mention only the SC5000.

Had to be things missing off of the cheaper prime

I agree that buying ‘cheap’, usually removes some features - but my friend pointet this out to me:

(This picture above is from Denons own website.)

No, actually I don’t. I’m really not into lighting, so haven’t got a clue.

Ok, Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Will see what comes up when they answer the question.

@teotormo - when you get a answer from support, please update this thread - I would very much like to know the answer, thanks :pray:

Yeah , nearly. That copy text from denon certainly mention “timecode” (stupid name for a service that isn’t DVS - just gonna cause confusion) but it doesn’t say which of the 4 timecode (stupid name, again) products is free for a month with the prime 4.

It might be that an sc5000 can drive all four of the timecode products but Prime4 can only drive timecode video

I don’t know as I’m not even looking at a little soundswitch cause I don’t think the customer really give a stuff about beat by beat sync lighting, just as so long as there are some flashing swirly lights to give atmosphere.

As I say, I don’t :know: I’m just pointing out one possible :maybe:

Yeah, I knew all that, but as Denon offers a free month with Timecode Sync with the purchase of the Prime 4 (but as I said, I can’t get the coupon to redeem the freebie) for me it was safe to think that the software was compatible, and safe to pay for it. But it seems that no one can confirm that.

:joy: I have soundswitch - mostly used for my larger gigs, where they appreciate light as much as music. But for the normal wedding etc. I dont bring it… And I just got curios as my friend is looking in to Timecode, and then I saw this post and startet digging a bit as I said.

Maybe @JWiLL can tell us more about which of the 4 Timecode products, that will work with the P4 out-of-the-box?

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I used to think that maybe some of the audiences used to see the value or perhaps subconsciously soak in the benefits of sync’d AV at bigger gigs like proms, larger 18/21 but inviting reviews from attendees etc proved otherwise. Some mentioned color sync of lights and number of lights and audience blinders, but all that’s Dmx rather than sync to music. I stopped subscribing and playing music videos for the same reasons.

Sometimes I think that DJs are told by idea manufacturers what we are supposed to think is important and sometimes we believe them :slight_smile: (that’s not me having a dig at DJs by the way.

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I do believe (and see it) that there is a variety of crowds that appreciated those things, as there are crowds that dont care.

I just like the fact that I actually can deliver a full-scale experience and not just by good music :slightly_smiling_face:

And the combo with my SC5000s and SoundSwitch does give me this opportunity… Smoke, strobe, laser whatever, at the exact moment I want, without pressing buttons. Love it!

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Maybe when beatgrid and bpm gets sorted (is that “Somehwere over the ■■■■■■ rainbow” I can hear playing?) I might look at sound switch again.

I’d be more interested in denon jumping into bed with that company who gave pioneer a collaboration which puts snippets of song lyrics up on screens at wild angles and scrolling zoom effects for songs. Not karaoke, just titles of songs and key, outstanding lyrics popped up on screen over background visuals


I dont use vj stuff, so dont need that part - but I can see the possibilities in it, if it should work like that one day :thinking:

But for now, yes… The BPM… Is that a explicit version of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’? Havent heard it :joy:

But oops, lets get back on track…

Timecode Sync on Prime 4!?

It’s the “ever-lasting, never-ending, coming soon but never here” denon Remix version

It has gotten better, so hope that we can put that version to sleep some day. :slightly_smiling_face:

@teotormo The Prime 4 is not listed anywhere in the Timecode page. Best to cancel your sub.

Rekordbox lyrics.

I nearly switched from Serato to Rekordbox because of the single feature.

I didn’t because

  1. You can only have lyrics to 3000 songs, if you reach this limit, you have to delete lyrics of another song to accommodate new ones

  2. Lyrics was only available on subscription plug in.

  3. There is no way to combine MP4 and Audio files in the same playlist in Rekordbox.

I have received a reply from the Timecode Sync support. They told me that Prime 4 is not compatible with the software and they are going to give me a full refund of the money. Now the question is, why Denon says that it is compatible?

Because it is… one of the four “timecode” products (the basic “Timecode video” ) just says it’s compatible with Denon or Prime, I can’t remember which)

Only the full blown Prime units (the SC series) are compatible with all four levels of Timecode product

Hi @teotormo -

We initially planned to integrate the PRIME 4 with Timecode but the demand just wasn’t there. So, it was recently decided to remove the compatibility.

The good news is that PRIME 4 is fully supported by Resolume and SoundSwitch so, there are both lighting and video options available for the device.

We apologize for the confusion and troubles!


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