Time Stretch Algorithm

Hi guys,

I’m preparing my music with Engine Prime and when Time Stretch (master tempo) is enabled the music sounds so good with large pitch variations, but when i do the same pitch variations on the controller in standalone Mode it sounds so worse.

There is a solution for that? your developer team are working in? Or i need to buy the new Prime 4 or other standalone controller for that case?

thanks in advance

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PS: I’m sorry if there are some topics about that but i have searched and i didn’t find nothing.

There’s reasons why 2 decks and a’mixer in the case of the 8000 costs just about £1000 where a prime system of two Sc5000s and an x1800 costs £4000.

One of those reasons is the incredible processing power in the prime decks, a quad core processor in each deck, which allows them to make incredibly clean time stretch calculations using a really good algorithm. The 8000 stretches one single core processor across its entire taskset.

Engine prime software runs that same algorithm so sounds good too.

MCX8000 is a earlier product that was done before DenonDJ bought rights to use the advanced Elastique 3 algorithm in Engine Prime software and hardware. MCX8000 got a firmware update to be able to use some Engine Prime prepped USB sticks but does not have the processing power/firmware memory to have that added.