Tidal question denon Prime 4

Is there à Way to create tidalplaylist in denon Prime 4?

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I’m also curious about this, because I can’t find that option either.

Think of it this way. When you stream something from Tidal it will be downloaded in the Prime 4 cache memory to allow for safe playback in case of internet connection loss. Once you load another track in the player, the cache is emptied. So, if you want to make a playlist you will have to put it together on Tidal.

impossible directly from the prime… I created my playlist on my phone on the tidal app… and than it syncs with my prime … :slight_smile:

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Thanks M2isAlive thats a real good option to use.



You can’t create. You must use a mac/pc/ipad to do that

Tidal offline mode - Android

HI Im trying to activate Tribal on the prime 4 …i have got tibal full subscription on the pc …im able to log in on the pc …i go to the prime 4 press the key icon and it says log onto Tribal use the code to log in but when i try that it comes back with wrong code ??

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its easier to sync toguether if you use the phone… download tidal on the phone … and than sync the prime and the phone toguether with the code… :slight_smile: