Tidal login not working

Denon Prime 2 Playing works WLAN works Other Streaming Servoces, e.g. Soundcloud or Dropbox work TIDAL did work in the past (2 weeks ago) But dosn’T anymore - on the Prime 2. ONLY(!) on the Prime 2.

I DO HAVE a paid Tidal subscription!

TIDAL App on Laptop and Mobile with same account do work. Login in TIdal web no problem.

But Prime 2 says:
Title: “TIDAL Login failed” Message: “Unable to connect to the Tidal servers. Please try again.”

Can I somehow RESET my tidal login data that is stored on the Prime2 ?

Reset option in settings should reset all nowadays. Streaming services also.

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When I have this problem…I turn off Wi-Fi on Prime 4, turn P4 off, restart my modem. Once modem has reset I turn on P4, turn on Wi-Fi and all is good. Took me awhile to realize this would work but it does every time. I hope it works for you.

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Thank you so much for these tips. Doing a factory reset helped for me. Then I was able to re-login at tidal on my Prime2.

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