Tidal is still working! (after may 15th)

I’ve hold off on the DJ add-on for my tidal subscription for as long as possible. But today was the day I’d really should make the switch. But to my surprise there is big warning screen within EngineOS that Tidal has stopped working for my account… I can still use tidal as before.

Does anybody know whether this is some undocumented grace period, or just that the add-on only is enforced for useage with features like STEMs?

What Engine OS firmware are you on?

The changes need to be made at “our end”, meaning that the DJ software/firmware has to be updated to require the DJ extension, so that would not apply if you have an older OS version.

Also, did you try unlinking/relinking your Prime gear to Tidal?

BTW you posted in the Engine DJ area :smiley:

I just launched VirtualDJ on desktop and it looks like stems working as add-on/plugin for Tidal. I’m not sure if this working for Engine DJ Systems but you can try plug your USB to check with softwares

Moved. Thanks.

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Last night (May 15th) Tidal was working normally with Prime 4. In my opinion the limitation starts from the next monthly renewal of your contract: it will be renamed and transferred to the new types of subscriptions.

It’s really good news, and actually downloading speed of my WIFI network is slower than usual for some reason. It is possible to increase network speed with wifi adapters? I asking because loading tracks from Tidal service working very slow for me. It takes typically a 6-10 second to load all tracks data

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@Hypnoza No, another adapter won’t help. I don’t use wifi, but a direct and (theoretically) very fast LAN/WAN connection (Prime 2) and each download also takes about 6-8 seconds.

In fact, Tidal has also changed the encoding of the tracks recently. At the highest level (“losless/master”), the more space-saving but controversial MQA format was abolished after the provider went bankrupt, and (most of) the tracks are now available in flac, each with around 30-40MB.

Perhaps this is the reason for the supposedly reduced speed, compared to the old situation.


In my opinion the limitation starts from the next monthly renewal of your contract

That is also my assumption, or at least my hope. The reason is probably Tidal’s obligation to be faithful to the contract. Within an existing agreement, a stipulated service cannot simply be canceled by one party, largely regardless of which national legal system is applicable.

Good for me, I have a prepaid annual subscription. The next billing date is not for several months