Tidal integration with Engine DJ

Hi DJ Community.

Is anyone actually using Tidal for a source of music for home djing? I seem to be missing something or can you really only stream tidal on the denon players and not in the Engine DJ software. I prep my sets on my computer and would rather not be setting queue points and building playlists on the players?

Thank you

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Yes, I use it regularly. For me the absence in EDJ is not an issue as I’m really only using it to fill a gap in my collection now & again, or to play through an existing playlist (usually imported from Spotify).

I don’t go through tracks setting cue points, I just play the tracks. Playlist building is done on Spotify or Tidal.

Of course it would be preferable to have access to the streaming services in EDJ, but mainly because we can’t adjust incorrect BPM/grids on the hardware…

As with most requests, it’s been around a long time but Denon have done nothing.

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One thing you could do to bridge the gap until we are getting streaming support in Engine DJ too (I hope this will happen and not too far in the future :slight_smile: ) is to use “DJ Conversion Utility Streaming” You could use Serato, TRAKTOR PRO, Rekordbox, Djay (also on iOS) to set your cue points on your streaming tracks and then convert it to an Engine OS readable library. The only thing I do not like is that I am not able to get artwork cover in the library list (with Serato it should work - also with the free version) but at leased on the wheel display the covers are back.

That’s Mac only, and there’s a price tag.

$17 one time purchase ?

We don’t know if @Kelblack is using a Mac or not. There are other tools which should work for other operating systems as well.

The best would be to get streaming support in Engine DJ which is, what everyone is expecting. Honestly I was extremely surprised how limited Engine OS/DJ is. :frowning:

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