Tidal beat grids

Is anyone else experiencing real issues with Prime 2/4 and analysis and beat grids using Tidal as a streaming service? I would say that I probably have to adjust at least 50% of grids to be accurate and it is becoming incredibly frustrating. Anyone have any experience this and any tips to improve the analysis in the first instance?


Beat grids of any track, streaming or newly added locally, can initially be “off”.

As long as you’ve got some local writable media device attached, any beat grid adjustments, loops, hot cues etc that you set will be stored on that local device (not the music itself, just the grid/cue data, in the case of streamed tracks.

Understand that, I’m just surprised at the level of inaccuracy. Having previously been a Serato user, this rarely happened with their analysis.

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I agree. Using Beatport is equally as bad. Due to my busy work life currently, i find i use streaming way more than using my own downloaded usb tracks, basically just to play something new. Before anybody says its my own lazy fault for not using Engine (which refuses to work on my laptop still) and my own analyzed tracks, streaming is a heavily advertised feature of the Prime 4, in fact one of its USP’s, but unfortunately, one it does badly. Most tracks i find now are analysed badly by my Prime 4. Cue markers load up usually one beat off, Cue markers not located on the kick properly (1/8th of a beat in front), or im finding house tracks now showing as 88bpm etc! Something as basic as a DJ hardware player not being able to analyze a track correctly or get it near to from the get go, is surely not right? Yes, i can mix, yes i can beatmatch and no, i dont use sync, but to have to edit the cue and markers nearly EVERY time i load a track in somewhat takes the mick.

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