Tidal analysis and key not always being saved

Hi, I’m using a P4 with Tidal and a SSD installed. Since updating c. 5-6 months ago, I’ve had an issue where the P4 does not always save the musical key data for tracks being streamed on Tidal. The issue particularly comes about when switching between new Tidal playlists where it seems to forgot some (but not all) of the data. This can be on analysing individual tracks, or when doing it en-mass (e.g. when trying to analyse multiple tracks over the 4 decks). When switching the P4 on, I have selected the SSD as the source before switching to Tidal (so it should know where to save the data).

The issue coincided with an update a while back where I lost all of my historic Tidal analysis when doing a major update. Since then, it’s been hit (and mostly miss) on analysing the tracks, and you can’t reanalyse them when the data is lost.

It seems there are a couple of threads with this issue, but none of the recommendations from those have helped me.

I’m currently using v2.2.0 (I was using v.2.2.1 but had to roll back due to a separate issue with tracks jumping).

Thanks, Dean

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