Throw away mentality of Denon

Hi All. Just picked up my Prime Go from the repairer. Drunk friend sat on the cross-fader and it was broken. repairer is an authorised repairer of Denon. Repairer was advised there are no schematics, workshop manuals or even spare parts for these machines!!! Luckily he was able to get a Pioneer one in there at not too much cost. Repairer said he can always get parts for, and fix Pioneer stuff. If I had known this I definitely wouldn’t have bought Denon. I will always buy Pioneer in the future


That’s strange.

An authorised repair centre should have the schematics and part numbers for ordering replacement parts.

Is he an inMusic Denon DJ authorised repair centre? If so that’s something the team need to look at. There is ‘Denon’ and ‘Denon DJ’. They are separate companies so could be contacting the wrong company for service information.

People on the forums have replacement parts like buttons added often so there’s definitely an anomaly here.


That makes zero sense. You can most definitely by denon dj replacement parts online. Like someone else mentioned you went to the wrong place or they did not know what they were doing.


Exactly. There isn’t a modern DJ piece of gear that uses custom fader or pots. It’s all OEM off the shelf components, any bench tech (or end user) can just Google the specification of that part and buy it.

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Looks like you should find a competent service center :+1:


Or one that is actually a Denon DJ service center, not just a Denon one, two very different and separate companies.


Wait, so the guy that installed my Pioneer car-radio might not be able to change a CDJ-3000 jogwheel?! :thinking: (apologies for the sarcasm).

If my friends were braking my equipment by sitting on it, first step for me would probably finding new friends :joy:


Are there authorised denon dj service/repair centres in every country?

Normally, yes. The authorized distributor for that country has either a service center for repairs and RMA’s or a contract with reputable local repair shop that would become the authorized repair depot. FYI I work for a large global pro audio manufacturer, so it would be standard practice.

Well I bought it from the largest seller of DJ gear in Australia. I asked them who would fix it and so I took it to that place, and they contacted Denon. It’s an authorised repairer of many brands. How do I find out the authorised Denon DJ repair centre? Is there a list somewhere?

I emailed Denon, apparently I have to send the unit 4000km to the repairer.

Your country probably only has the one repair centre (Australia?).

A vast country with a smaller population where there is very little in the centre can cause problems for companies. Hopefully shipping charges aren’t too bad to either side of the coast.

What about New Zeland?

Australia: where I once travelled 1500km for a decent night out.

I have written to the only authorised repairer in a country of 25 million, Australia. They don’t have a spare parts list and are getting back to me. Has anyone actually seen a list of spares / workshop manual? The repairer I took it to wasnt a car audio place, it was an authorised repairer for lots of pro-audio stuff. Where can I easily buy this part online? I cant find it?

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