Thoughts on the MC7000

I think that the MC7000 is a great piece of hardware and I’m really liking it. After using it, I have some ideas to help improve it - hopefully some of these things can be updated with a software/firmware update if people find them helpful:



  • Put raised edges on either side of the play/cue buttons. Because those buttons are so close to the mixer section and lots of times you rest your hands there while mixing, it’s very easy to accidentally press those buttons, especially the play button
  • Recess or have raised edges on the pitch sliders. They move really easily and because everything is so compact it’s really easy to accidentally move them when spinning the jog wheel. I’ve already bumped them a few times and messed up the mix
  • Change the power connection to a standard computer power cord instead of using an AC adapter
  • If you do keep the power adapter, put a hook instead of a closed loop with a screw. How many people carry a screwdriver with them at a gig and then at least you can use the hook at a gig and not have to worry about it getting yanked out
  • Put a mono switch on the booth out because that’s one of the outputs where you commonly only have one speaker hooked up (I have a summing cable that I use for just this purpose).
  • Illuminate the touch strip
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MC7000 is the professional DJ controller with 4-channel Serato DJ capability and dual USB connections. These two USB audio interfaces enable two DJs to play together (on their preferred DJ software) or ‘hand off’ in a truly seamless, uninterrupted manner. Coupled with Denon DJ’s legendary build quality and superior 24-bit audio reproduction, this is a no-compromise controller perfectly suited to both mobile and club DJs looking for the next evolution of Serato DJ controller. The MC7000 also includes the full version of Serato DJ, plus, 3 creative expansion packs (Pitch ‘n Time, Flip and Video), enabling DJ’s to empower their musical, remix and visual style - to the max! ADDITIONAL FEATURES 1.4-channel DJ controller with digital mixer 2.Dual USB audio interfaces—connect 2 computers at once 3.3 Serato Expansion Packs Included 4.16 velocity-sensitive performance pads 5.New dedicated key-matching and changing controls 6.Solid 6-inch touch-capacitive platters with tracking LED 7.2 mic inputs with dedicated controls 8.XLR booth and master connections

Why did you copy and paste the specs from the Denon website to this thread? It has nothing to do with the discussion…


The 8000 has the adapter thingy too. I’m guessing it’s a space issue within the devices, they will have to drop a transformer in it too remove the AC-DC adapter

I’m not an electronic expert btw

I doubt it’s a space issue - more likely a cost/UL issue:

‘One of the most common reasons is economic. External supplies allow a manufacturer to sell hardware across the globe. By picking the correct external wall wart, the manufacturer can obtain certification from various government regulatory bodies without having to shoulder that cost for every territory. There is also a safety issue. One U.S. manufacturer confided, “Some designers just aren’t comfortable designing and testing their own power supplies. Instead of hiring an engineer, they find it easier to buy an Underwriters Laboratories [UL] approved unit and get their product to market. It’s one less headache to deal with.”’


Seeing as they’re trying to be very competitive in the pricing, I can understand why they went that route, but I can dream :slight_smile:

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No wonder the external power adapter are always a generic brand or a no name brand.

Yup!! You’ll see that with a lot of vendors. I’m always happy when a manufacturer is willing to put all the AC/DC stuff internally.

Can use My mc 7000 with dual USB un virtual dj …dame versión ?