This average DJ from Indonesia would like to introduce himself

Hi Hello,

Yay! Denon have the new and fresh forum, finally! Too bad I didn’t have their gear yet, That VL12 + DS1 DVS would be great combo.

My stage name is Dino Yeah, so simple but thank god people remember it easily.

I started DJing in 2011, without DJ school, I only learnd from youtube, partying hard, and that cheap numark controller. Here in 2017 I get more gigs & better equipment & skill. DVS is the next thing to do before producing. I mostly play House, Funk, Disco, & RnB, yeah because these genre are timeless & always classy.

I live & work in Yogyakarta City, Indonesia Yogyakarta is a cultural tourist destination beside Bali, you need to visit here someday, the people is nice, the tourist attraction is unlimited, and the party is nuts! Well, the party venue in Yogyakarta is not much, but their private, serial events is a must go list! For example there is a party called 480 Minutes that started from noon to evening (8 hour). The party placed in a open, natural space like riverside, backyard, or jungle too! The crowd is international & local, they play Techno & Tech House mostly. There are also another great party series like Antidote, party for celebrity & rich kids, very crazy party with hip hop & indie unexpected song.

Well I don’t know what to introduce more. Let’s have a talk because this newbie might learn something from you :slight_smile:

ps: check out my shitty mixtape at

Thank you! Nice to meet you.