Thinking of upgrading to SC6000

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, the resale value of Denon is not yet on par with the AlphaTheta … And not at all in DK.

But what do you think you could get for a setup with 2 x SC5000 and a X1800? (2 years old, always been in a flightcase, and no scratches/ cosmetic issues)

Those of you who have bought a used setup, what did you pay?

Best regards Engell.

Prices are tumbling with every day as more and more people plan to upgrade to the SC6000’s. Also, you can only really judge what people are paying after the SC6000’s were announced, as the prices before that were higher.

Chuck them on Ebay, and hope for the best. The longer you leave it, the less you will get.

I hope to get around 2600-2800 dollars for the setup… But its only a hope.

I will have whatever you are having :joy:

Hey mufasa, you evil one :smiley: Its a hope :wink:

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You never know. Paris Hilton May be on eBay looking for Prime gear.

Why are you interested in the 6000s though.

Fun fact - online I see the x1800 (brand new) selling at a higher price than the x1850 (pre order)

I like new stuff… :nerd_face: Thats actually the main reason. The SC5000s has been good to me, no doubt about that and I guess that I´ll run in to the exact same limitations on the SC6000 - but at least I know which they are today. So atm I have no higher expectations to the 6000´s. (Probably wont use build-in-hd bay for anything else than my backup-library, as I´m not gonna turn the setup on, just to add tracks every other night.

But yeah, I like new shiny stuff. :partying_face:

That was actually quite funny :slight_smile:

Don’t we all :joy:

When you do get it, do tell how you get on with them.

I’m a 1 year post release kinda guy, but I’m gonna hold off until they sort out the tiny basics left…