Thinking about subscribing to Beatport, I have many questions

Hi all,

With the release of this new 1.5.1 firmware, now I am seriously thinking about paying for a subscription to Beatport Cloud/Link.

I have ZERO experience using these kind of services, so I have a lot of questions that I would be very acknowledged if somebody can answer them:

  1. If I pay 4.99 $/mo. (beatport cloud), will I be able to stream all the songs that are in beatport, and navigate through beatport charts? Or I need to purchase individual songs previously? Why there is no “Full track playback” included in the beatport cloud plan, and what does it mean?

  2. if I stream a certain song, does the beatgrid information keep stored anywhere in the Prime devices? (so if another day I stream the same song there is no need to analyze the song again), or the song is analyzed everytime it is streamed?

  3. Is there the possibility to save songs from beatport to my engine library for offline use?

  1. You need Beatport Link at least. Caveat: normal Link is 128k AAC, Pro and Pro+ 256k AAC.
  2. Yes, it is stored on a source of the player. It even states that you do so.
  3. No not yet, as stated in the release notes/video of 1.5.1. That would be “offline locker” in Pro and Pro+.
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Thanks @Reese, so to clarify: with Beatport Cloud I will not be able to navigate and stream all beatport songs, am I right?

I don’t think so. I tried Link and not Cloud.


He’s just told you. Do you seriously think you’ll get a full streaming service for under 5 dollars?

Look at the comparison page on the site. The Link services offer streaming. Cloud doesn’t.

It’s a pity actually that the Link services include Cloud, because without it they’d be $5 cheaper, and it’s not something particularly useful IMO.


Yeah you are right, Beatport Link at least. Thank you both!!

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@ElTitoFranki: Beatport cloud didnt work here when I tried it :slightly_smiling_face:


To add to this, you need to set/check the streaming quality via the gear icon if you’d go for the Pro or Pro+.


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