They give and then they take away

Forum, I have been waiting for this feature for years - Network Library support. On face value its just what i need.

Then, i find out, they ban recording your mix if the source is your networked PC.

Its like there is a security policy where anything network based cannot be recorded which is silly for this feature as its the same paid for BeatPort library i would export to USB!

Can we PLEASE get this Fixed @DenonDJ_Support_DE @DenonDJ-Australia


I doubt that Denon would put a security restriction on such acts of recording potential copyright locally stored material themselves, on just Denons say-so.

I would imagine that as a manufacturer they have to abide by various international copyrights, digital rights management scripts etc and not allow those copyrights or DRMs to be infringed in any country.via their hardware design

Or maybe it’s a bandwidth/resource issue; a resource internally needed for pulling tracks from network is also needed simultaneously for recording


I really don’t see an issue here.

It’s still possible to record standalone (the mode for which the products are designed) and it’s also possible to record when connecting via a USB cable to DJ software.

As the above two ways are already possible, there really isn’t a need IMO to record in this new mode that has only just been implemented.


Yep, if you really need to record, export to a drive and record. Short of some time spent exporting it’s a non-issue.

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We each have our own ways of working. Yes, i completely understand i can do an export and thats what i did last night in the end. Its just this feature was supposed to replace the need for an export. I have had many USB drives corrupt during export, its a bit frustrating when that happens.

Networked library is just the same as having your library on a PC connected to the unit via USB, its NOT the same as streaming music from Tidal/Beatport where there isnt a permission to record.

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Looking at it objectively, im guessing there is either some performance issue with streaming and recording simultaneously. Or some potential security/licensing/piracy issue that is heightened by referencing music from the computer to play on the device over wifi.

These record companies and streaming services have a massive stranglehold on how people can legally play music, there will be tonnes of legislation in place that none of us know about that could be putting a blocker on this.

Additionally, right now this is more a preparation feature. To minimize the back and forth of the sync, if you for example set a cue point. Wouldn’t count on a network connection during a recording session. Minute 50 and your network has some problems. Would hate me for not using a stick :smiley:

Apolologies, should have said, i dont want to record over the network. I record direct to an SD card in the Prime2. All i use network for is my library which is connected via Gigabit LAN to my desktop PC.

No i fully understand your requirement, my point is the network connection between your computer and Prime device could be the thing that is blocking this feature, for any number of reasons. If there is an inkling of potential foul play with regards to illegally recording music then InMusic would have had to pull the plug on any recording on the device.

I don’t know if there is or isn’t, im just offering an explanation as to why this might be disabled.

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That’s my thoughts too. The players are already using bandwidth, comms buffers, internal memory etc simply for two, three or four decks to search bi-laterally and load upto 8 tracks/layers. Add another source eg: Pc based library , that’s more overheads, constantly looking for a pair of LC units being connected, and add in recording (love rendering) on the device itself and there’s a fair bit going on at once.

Ive only ever used Serato to record sets but its a noticeable load increase when i do, and thats on a high powered laptop without any network issues in play… so i think thats the likely reason.

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Just record your sets into a soundcard and you got it! I think we have to deal with those restrictions lawwise. But like this you got it saved and you are legal if you care about things like that👍.