The war is over!

The Winner is Denon DJ The Looser Pioneer DJ

The War only exists at DJ Booth in Clubs and Festivals! The War don’t exist for Bar-DJ’s, Event-DJ’s, Wedding-DJ’s, Bedroom-DJ’s, and so on The War don’t exist for the people you entertain! They want to have party, dancing and a realy good time. No matter what Gear the DJ uses.

Steps to do next:

  1. Denon DJ buy PioneerDJ hold Rekordbox DJ and kick the overpriced Pioneeer DJ gear our of range.
  2. Take over DJ Booth in Clubs and Festivals with Denon DJ Hardware.

Why? Denon DJ reacts to costumers and is intuitiv. PioneerDJ does not listen to their costumers, Hardware over $ 2000.- has no CPU that can analyse Musik. We all know the price of a CPU.

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I would say there will always be a kind of “war” between competing brands to be able to position in a so called leader position, especially in the big clubs and festivals, because the young, aspiring and often unexpirenced DJ wannabes will always take a peak at what their idols are using to perform their magic and that has influence also at the smaller events level.

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I dunno - the new Pioneer mixer (DJM-V10) will be a shoe-in at festivals and large clubs now, which means CDJs will remain the defacto deck. Denon have been outflanked by focussing on a minor iteration of their deck here, when Pioneer have gone to town technological wise to appeal to the high end market.


I love Denon products but the fact is Pioneer is the leader.

I wonder how the take up might have been if they had pushed the Rane brand instead of Denon DJ

Rane 5

Rane 5M

Rane Prime 4 etc

Let’s get real here a little bit and acknowledge that many users simply can’t afford and simply don’t even need the capabilities of flagship DJ equipments, because not many of them perform live on big events or enjoy the benefits of a club residence. Many users needs are for audio equipments built with high quality components, reliable, serviceable, able to process at least 44.1 kHz / 16 bit audio files with very good signal to noise ratio of minimum 98 dB and offering capabilities for advanced waveform display, setting and accurately triggering at least 4 cue points, pc software controller functionality, good connectivity and really stable software support for library preparations. These properties allows to offer products at good price points and ensure the possibility of putting together a modular set-up able to be upgraded later, at user discretion, according to needs. This kind of equipments are not present today on many DJ equipment manufacturers, except for Pioneer DJ, who’s lineup covers pretty much every possible setup scenarios, except for the price points. So, here is one possible target goal for Denon DJ to look up for in order to establish itself as a leader, not only at the top echelons of DJ industry but also at the mid-level, where many users are working.